Nano silver ion antibacterial non-woven fabric
Nano silver ion antibacterial non-woven fabric

  • This material has "high air permeability", "low pressure drop" and "antibacterial", so it is suitable for use in filter materials or masks.
  • This product has passed the test and has the antibacterial function of nano silver, no need to irradiate ultraviolet light for antibacterial.
  • This material belongs to the category of PET, needle-rolled non-woven fabric.
  • Its soft characteristics, and it will be slightly stiff after heating, making the processing more convenient.
  • The capture efficiency is excellent.
  • With good ventilation rate, it is not easy to cause obstruction.

Related parameters
  • Material name: A02 (without antibacterial effect), AN02 (with antibacterial effect)
Material A02  /  AN02 A03  /  AN03 A04  /  AN04
Weight (g/yd) 40~50 g/yd 50~60 g/yd 75-85 g/yd
Color White White White
Width (inch) 37 “ or more 37 “ or more 37 “ or more
Length customized customized customized
Max outer roll size customized customized customized
Max roll weight customized customized customized
Special Processing N/A N/A N/A
Application Air filtration  Mask Air filtration  Mask Air filtration  Mask

(PAT. NO.20095 9)
Air Permeability
(frazier method )
Filter Efficiency
(EN1822 @0.6µm NaCl)
Pressure Drop
(EN1822 @0.6µm NaCl)
Antibacterial test
(AATCC 100)
Unit mm (Max.min) (cb.ft/sq.ft min) (% @32 lit/min) (% @32 lit/min)
A02 / AN02 0.298 (±0.05) 293.51 15.2% 8.33% Pass
A03 / AN03 0.403 (±0.05) 246.35 19.1% 10.05% Pass
A04 / AN04 0.491 (±0.05) 193.61 24.3% 14.22% Pass

Pictures of products
  • The company has high-density machines that can produce substrates with different hardness and thickness. (The picture is AN03)