shoe counter

Advanced low - temperature hot - melt adhesives 
Environmental protection、Comfortable、perfect、high performance、High productivity hot melt adhesive type (KP.)
Product Features :
        The company's research and development, In particular the introduction of fully functional and high-performance hot melt adhesive type material, Hoping to help speed up the elimination is also commonly used in the Injection-Counter to improve the efficiency and level of footwear.
Currently on the market traditional Injection-Counter, has been used for decades, found the following major drawbacks
●    Molds high cost and high cost. 
●    A shoe last of the fit is not good, and the heel can not be fully fit. 
●    The use of solvent-based adhesives and liquid agent must be used to increase the production line process, and on-site staff directly cause air pollution and other hazards.
●    Consuming time and low productivity.

The low temperature hot melt adhesive type KP has the following advantages in use:
●    Do not have to use the mold, you can arbitrarily change according to the type of shoe design chopper, cut completely suitable for the heel after the counter.
●    This product uses POLYCAPROLACTONE polymer raw materials, a little heating can be softened, with the whole machine can be quickly heated cooling molding, forming a short time to improve productivity.
●    The use of hot melt adhesive paste, solvent-free, on-site operations personnel will not cause immediate threat, in line with environmental requirements.
●    Residual hot melt adhesive film can be recycled to use, will not cause pollution. 
●    Because of the heating molding, it can be 100% fully fit in all shoes last, is the most perfect after the shoe cover material.
●    The use of special thermoplastic polymer as raw material, superior temperature resistance, even to low temperature (-30) and no risk of fracture.
●    Easy to shape, and never deformed after molding. 
●    Excellent flexibility, repeated use, its viscosity is also unchanged. 
●    The company has the Taiwan Patent No. 119991. China Patent ZL96240293-1 ZL9624042-3.